The Way of Simplicity

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Title 3, Chapter 8 THE WAY OF SIMPLICITY

1. Unless your souls are simple as the running deers, My children, and your hearts as little children filled with wonder, how shall you attain liberation? 2. Let your ways be gentle as the milk-white dove, and graceful as the gliding of the swallow. 3. For there are ways and rhythms in the course of life, of day and night, of seasons and the moon, by which all life, all thought, all work are governed, 4. and these movements are the breath of the Divine, reflected in the highest spheres and every living thing.

5. All nature is a vast and subtle music to which the innocent soul is closely attuned. 6. The profane attempts to sever themselves from this music, making new laws of gain and self-advantage against the law of universal love. 7. Honour in all things the times and the seasons, keeping fast in times of fast with diligence and care; rejoicing in times of feast with generous outpouring. 8. No tree may blossom out of season, nor any flower greet springtime with austerity, likewise a maid lacking inward control is broken from the rhythm. 9. For her there shall be neither warmth nor cold, neither light nor darkness.

10. Harmonic life is danced within the music of eternity, and the pattern of the dance is wholeness. 11. But without control the dance shall be destroyed; without discipline the rhythm is shattered in a host of discordant fragments. 12. The perfect maid has perfect chastity of mind, of body and of soul; and she who is ready to follow Me upon the mountain shall aspire to this perfection.

13. Yet those whose union is an expression of the love of souls shall be counted chaste in My name for the sake of that love. 14. But the highest love is the love of pure Spirit, and blessing is upon those whose love is chaste for My sake.

15. You do not know in this world the final truth of chastity, for it is a mystery known on the highest spheres, beyond all physical existence; 16. and there it is seen that an act of chastity is not an act of avoidance, but of creation. 17. For the chaste maiden builds within herself a higher power and a supernatural beauty. 18. Without chastity of mind and soul, the bodily observance is barren, yet to suffer temptation is not to fall, and to transcend it is an act of creation. 19. And what gifts but the creations of the soul may be laid at the feet of her Lady? 20. For whatever is the nature of her inmost self, that a maid shall become.

21. Therefore, the value of an act is not its outward form, but its inward quality; and the maid who will become one with the rhythm of eternity shall first become the mistress of her thoughts. 22. For thought is the creator of the body and the sculptor of the soul, and she who holds the reins of her thought and ceases to be its servant, that maid is near to the heaven of the archangels.

23. Harmony is the key of life, and innocence the key of harmony. 24. She who is in harmony shall be marked by gentleness, by meekness of spirit and by the pure light of abundant joy shining forth from the inmost recesses of her being.

25. My children, you shall walk upon the world, yet you are the children of heaven; therefore live by the light of the Spirit and not by the light of the world. 26. For the wisdom of innocence shall the profane world call mere folly, and the law of love move the lips of the sullen to laughter. 27. But the wisdom of the world is folly in the light of the eternal. 28. Do not covet the riches of the world, but give forth freely of them.

29. Do not seek more than that shall maintain your body, or give your life to the pursuit of wealth; 30. for the wealth of this world shall vanish as the wealth of dreams, but the wealth of the soul shall be manifest a thousand fold in the worlds to come. 31. Who shall envy the mighty of this world that are the captains of a sinking vessel? The simple heart is heir to wealth beyond all knowing.

32. Love every soul as you love your own self, and give forth freely of all good things of body and of soul. 33. The perfect maid keeps nothing for her own, giving forth all she has; yet the more she is emptied, the fuller she becomes, 34. for the way of harmony is the way of eternal abundance. 35. But she who pursues earthly riches prepares for herself the path of poverty; for only the poor can be rich, and only the chaste know ecstasy. 36. What a maid gains, that she loses, but what she gives freely, that she gains in perfection. 37. And all this is mere folly to the world.

38. Therefore walk in simplicity in the world, and let your heart be as the heart of a little child. 39. And if the world laughs at you, count it an honour, that they scorn you, count it a blessing. 40. For yours is the higher wisdom, and in the innermost centre of their hearts, the profane also knows it to be true. 41. Within their laughter lies fear of chastity; within their scorn of meekness and indifference to possessions lies a true terror. 42. For those who shelter in the darkness fear before all things the messengers of light. 43. It is not possible that a flute should play at once two tunes; neither may any maid pursue at once true wisdom and the false. 44. Therefore be attuned to the music of eternity, and dance within the rhythm of the mysteries and the seasons.

45. Let your soul be simple, so that she may be the mirror of pure love. 46. For the truth is such that a child may understand it, yet the sage, if she has not simplicity and love, may struggle for it all her life and in the end have nothing. 47. What is your truth if it cannot be shared with a child? 48. For in the eyes of eternity, how little is the space between an infant and the wisest of the world?