The Veil of the Matter

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Title 3, Chapter 7 THE VEIL OF MATTER

1. Do not offer Me the sacrifice of blood, for I take no delight in the hurt of any creature; 2. and My children, if you love Me, you are friend to every living thing and the soul of every maiden is your sister.

3. Therefore for evil words do not offer evil words again, and for evil acts do not return evil acts, 4. but where ill is given let your return be good; and for injustice do not merely return justice but generosity. 5. For truly is it written that no creature shall gain good for herself by any evil act; 6. and whatever you shall cast upon the wheel of life, that shall return to you sevenfold. 7. For the prisoner of this world says: I shall do this thing and no one shall see me, and when I have accomplished it, it shall be finished. 8. But truly, you shall see again all earthly acts when you have no more any earthly body, and then shall you see the fruitlessness of all these things, and your acts shall be your judges. 9. But those who belong to Me shall pass beyond the judgement. 10. Truly, when the prisoner of matter thinks that she is unobserved, she is as a blind maid in a lighted chamber, thinking herself shrouded by the darkness. 11. For matter is like to a veil that darkens the eyes, giving them to see only a little part of the things that lie about them.

12. Surely the world of light is filled with wondrous things and resplendent creatures whose colours are lovely beyond the spectrum of this world. 13. Nor is there any journey to the world of light, for My eyes can see it at this very time and at all times, excepting that time only wherein I was slave to the vision of darkness. 14. And the reality of this world is so great that material things appear as wraiths and shadows drifting through it. 15. And your bodies also, My children, seem as wraiths and shadows, 16. But within them and behind them and above them stand your souls, all robed in white, lovelier than the sun.

17. Truly, the brightness of this world is too great for you to look on, for you have fled perfection, 18. therefore matter is like to a veil drawn before the world of reality; 19. and upon this veil fall the shadows of real things, and these shadows are called material things, 20. and even as shadows in the world of matter seem without substance, having two dimensions only; so, before the infinite dimensions of the real falls the insubstantial shadow of the material. 21. Even as shadows in the material world lack all colour, so before that which is beyond colour are all the colours of this world as the unvaried greyness of a shadow. 22. And My children, you do not just watch the shadow-play, but have become a part with it, clothing the perfect substance of your souls in garments of mere shadow. 23. And what is the veil of matter? Its weft is space and time is its warp. 24. Therefore you shall not journey to the real through time or over space, 25. for those that are beyond the veil know neither place nor time, for all place is the presence of My Mother and all time is Her love.

26. Open your eyes but a little and you shall see a little of the real. Let them be opened fully and you shall see the whole. 27. The path that leads to the real or further from it lies neither in space nor in time, but in the choice between good and evil. 28. For My Mother is the good and the light and the centre, and evil is all that would draw you from Her into the outer darkness.

29. And My children, do not doubt that there is a power that dwells beyond the veil of matter, not in the real, but on the other side, on the dark side of the veil; 30. for I have looked into her eyes, and her name is called Irkalla.

31. If you love Me, you will seek and find Me in the real. 32. Therefore do not chase after the wraiths and shadows of matter. 33. How strange does it seem in the world of light to see a soul blind to all that is good and substantial; to see her chasing after wisps of smoke that vanish even as she touches them. 34. For the things of the world are transient and the joy of them more transient yet. 35. But the love of My Mother will endure when all the worlds are dust. 36. How fearful and how pitiful a thing to see a soul that has turned her face from My Mother, 37. stumbling in her blindness after shadows, though she sees neither what they are nor where they lead her. 38. For they lead to the abyss of darkness; to the dark side of the veil. 39. Every soul is thirsty for the waters of life, but the waters of the world cannot quench that thirst, 40. for they are like salty sea-water, and to drink of them only makes the thirst greater. 41. And there are some who cannot cease by day or night to pour those waters into their throats; 42. for their thirst has become as a raging fire that nothing on earth can quench. 43. But the fountain of life runs clear and sweet, and its waters shall bring eternal joy to the soul. 44. All wounds shall be healed and all ills shall be made good. 45. Those who are poor in the things of the world shall be rich in the gifts of the Spirit. 46. What is partial shall be made whole, and what is dark shall be filled with radiant light.