The Three Loves

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Title 3, Chapter 6 THE THREE LOVES

1. My children, even as your souls are at once whole and also riven through with kear, so when each of you speaks of herself, she must know that her selves are not one but two.

2. For the false self loves all that is not whole and all the falsehoods of this world. 3. It is the false self that seeks advantage and that is bound by all desires of earth.

4. The true self knows but one desire, and that is the desire of the Spirit and of oneness with the Divine, for that is the only true desire. 5. Yet the true self also loves this earth; but loves it for that it is an image of the Divine. 6. For the world is as a crazed and spotted mirror, reflecting the perfect country of eternity. 7. The false self loves the kears and imperfections, taking pleasure in their pattern, and seeing not the image within the glass. 8. But the true self sees beyond the kears, and into the depth of the reflection. 9. Yet the false self does not know its true desire; for every love of kear is in truth a love of the abyss. 10. And every turning from the One Light to a lesser light is in truth a step toward the darkness.

11. Therefore it is not to limit life that the ways of kear shall be avoided; 12. for the kear that seems light shall be seen a pit of darkness when the true light shines, and the kear that seems pleasure a tasteless emptiness from which the soul would find escape and cannot, 13. for the kear that had seemed freedom shall have become a fetter and a chain. 14. But follow Me and you shall have superfluity of life, for the way of virtue is the way of exuberance.

15. It is written that there are three virtues by which the soul may find her pathway to the light; and all that has been written thence is true. 16. But I will tell you of the three loves which belong to those virtues.

17. To life or wholeness belongs the love of Thea; to light or force belongs the love of the true self, and to love or harmony belongs the love of maids and of all creatures. 18. Within these three loves is contained all virtue, and she in whom these loves are perfect has attained to the final perfection. 19. She alone is beyond kear and is one with the joy of the Spirit. 20. And all these loves may be reduced to one: to love of Thea. For love of Her contains all other loves. 21. Yet if one of these loves appears without the others, by this you shall know it to be false. 22. For in the love of Thea shines forth the love of all Her children, and from this love proceeds the desire to vanquish kear that the path to the true self may lie open.

23. And by these signs you shall know the love of Thea. 24. And she who loves her true self seeks to progress in spirit and make her soul pure; 25. yet if she does not know Thea as her Mother, or if she despises Her children, then this love is nothing but emptiness and illusion. 26. For the love of the true self is but the winnowing of the soul; 27. and she who seeks spiritual progress and yet does not seek the Mother is like one who winnows away the grains and grinds the chaff. 28. And she who loves the children of Thea and seeks to bring good to them; if she does not know her true self, how can she help them? 29. For if some are lost in the desert, how shall another help them if she does not know the way herself? 30. Perhaps she shall give them water, but the water shall soon be gone, and then all of them will perish together. 31. And she who loves the children but does not love the Mother, what is her love for them? 32. For all love flows from the Mother, and love that knows not the Mother is like a stream cut off from the source, that dies even as it lives and must finally run dry. 33. For she who feeds the body but starves the spirit and the soul, is she not as one that fattens geese for the slaughter? 34. Surely snares and arrows are less deadly than this love.

35. For the three loves are not several, but in truth are one; for maid is a threefold being, even as Thea Herself. 36. And if one of these loves is severed from the others, it shall have life no more than a limb severed from a body or a branch cut from a tree. 37. For when one of these loves is outward, the others are within; but if one is alone, then it is hollow.

38. Yet when the three loves shall be added together, they are multiplied in the seventh degree; and life shall flow from them in superabundance. 39. And I am sent to you that you may have these loves; therefore ask of Me that I may give to you. 40. For if these loves are the rod by which your measure is taken, shall you not be found lacking? 41. For you have sought kear and have no longer the power of perfection. 42. And rightfully it has been said that your soul shall be placed in the balance against a feather, and if the beam tip even by a fraction are you condemned. 43. But learn penitence, come to Me and let your heart be happy, for I have made all things good.