The Foolish Maiden

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Title 3, Chapter 12 THE FOOLISH MAIDEN

1. A maiden spoke to Kore, saying: "Lady, should not the things of this world be our first concern while we are in this world?" 2. And She replied, saying: "If a maid, My child, shall go into a house of pleasure; if she shall go into a house where there is fine food and drinking and hazarding of dice, 3. and if in that place and in that hour; she shall think only of that place and of that hour, and neither of the hours before nor of the hours to come, 4. and if, thinking thus, she shall spend in that place all of her earthly wealth, so that for the future she shall have no house of stone about her; no cloak upon her shoulders nor food to sustain her; shall we call that maiden wise or foolish?"

5. "Lady, we shall call her foolish."

6. "And what is the reason, My child, that we shall call her foolish?" 7. "Lady, we shall call her foolish, for that she has thought only of the present hour; and neither of the hours before nor of the hours to come." 8. "Even so foolish, My child, are those who think only of the present life, and neither of the lives before nor of the lives to come. 9. "Even so foolish is she who makes the things of this world her first concern while she is in this world. 10. "For she who lives in the light of the Spirit shall she not find a haven beyond this life; shall she not come into the garden of Avala? Shall not her spirit be robed in bright raiment and her soul be fed upon the golden fruits of life eternal? 11. "But she who lives for the things of this world, where shall be those things upon her death? Shall they not be gone into the earth, even as her body? And like the foolish maiden, shall she not be without raiment or sustenance, and without a haven where to lay her down?"


Canonicity of this text is disputed.