The Crystal Tablet

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Title 2, Chapter 1 THE CRYSTAL TABLET

& 1. Existence is a web of tapestry. 2. A web is a pattern of many crossroads connected by short paths. 3. Some crossroads are the intersection of many paths, some of but a few. Some are great and some are small. Each path has its own colour.

4. Every crossroads is a choice, and every choice has a spiritual meaning. 5. In each turning we choose either to come closer to Perfection or else to move away from Her. 6. In the first way the soul perfects herself in beauty; in the second she grows duller and more coarse. 7. In the first way she learns happiness even in dearth, and gathers riches of the spirit; in the second she learns pain even amid opulence, and the spirit walks in rags.

8. Where lead the paths? The first to the foot of the celestial throne; the second to the dark gates of the realm of death. 9. How shall the soul know her direction? 10. As in the world of matter there are four fixed points by which the corporeal vessel may know its course, so, in the compass of the spirit, are there three to guide the soul.

11. The first is life, or wholeness, the light of the Absolute; the second is light, or force, the light of the Mother; the third and gentlest light is love, the light of our Saviour, the Maid. 12. Life is the life of the spirit, the first principle; beyond being and unbeing. Life was before existence. Life is the cause of existence. 13. How shall the soul live in life? 14. Let her realize the truth of her self and the truth of the Absolute. Let her know that her life is beyond even her existence, that the absolute life, the life of Thea, is beyond all existence. 15. Let her not be held from herself or her Thea by anything that exists, for all the things that are have come from nothing and to nothing shall return. But the divine life, and her life within it, was ever and shall ever be, though time itself shall only last a space. 16. Let her not trust the ground her feet are set upon and doubt the ground upon which that ground stands. Rather let her doubt the sea, the sky, the fingers of her hand and the breath of her mouth; for all these things may be illusions, as in some sense they are. 17. But let her know life divine as the truth beyond truth and the faith beyond faith and doubt.

18. Light is pure force or delight. It is the joy of Thea, and Her breath and spirit. 19. Light is the outpouring of life into existence. All things that exist come from life; they are made and sustained by light.

20. Though an existing thing appears never so solid, yet its body is made of light. All material things are but consolidated force; and the vibration of force is the whole of their being. 21. Yet material things are far from the source of light. They have become subject to consolidation and restriction. 22. Pure light knows no bounds, but is perfect joy, and breathes its own perfection.

& 23. How shall the soul approach to light? 24. Let her make her every act a resplendent creation, and let every outpouring of her strength be a well-made gift for her Lady. Let her not fall into dullness, but be ever creating herself anew in the delight of her strength. 25. Let her not seek for reward, but only for her own perfection; thus the action itself shall become perfect. Let her turn from the transient and find delight in the eternal. 26. For every earthly action is the shadow of some higher form; and the soul must choose whether in her act she shall approach that form, or sink from it into deeper shadows and the morass of illusion. 27. She who rejects the light of the Spirit in this world shall, beyond death, be plunged into darkness and the confusion of bodiless echoes. 28. But every act that is performed in dedication to the Mother is an expression of the soul’s true self, and loosens the chains of her bondage. 29. If the soul lives in light, nothing shall be impossible to her, for her will shall become one with the will of our Lady.

30. Love is the force of harmony by which all existence is made possible. 31. For the perfect existence of the Spirit, its very nature is love. The pure soul is in harmony with Thea, with herself and with all things. 32. And for the existence that has fallen from perfection: truly it is the music of divine harmony which sustains it in the motion of its wholeness. 33. It is love that holds the drop of dew pendant upon a blade of grass, not flowing forth in watery profusion, but swelling within the unseen urn of its brief harmony. 34. It is love that holds the stars within their courses, and all the worlds of the immeasurable cosmos within the harmony of the celestial music.

35. Truly, all the cycles of the times and the seasons; all the rhythms of the soul, of the mind and of the body: truly all these flow from the love of our Lady the Maid, that each creation may not decompose flying away into black eternal chaos. 36. For light is the essence and love is the form. And it is by love that the essence of a tree remains a tree. Else it might as well become a rushing wind or a forked lightning flash.

& 37. How shall the soul attain to love? 38. Let her open herself to every creature in compassion and in care. 39. Let her seek to do no harm to any being. 40. Let her love extend even to those who do her hurt; and let her seek to understand them. 41. For perfect love is perfect knowledge and perfect knowledge is perfect love.

42. Let her know that no creature gains good for herself by any harmful act, for every stone returns to she that throws it in the fullness of time; and the shaft that her hand releases shall fly a thousand years until it cleaves her heart. 43. But she that does a kindly action shall be thrice blessed: 44. Once in the doing of it; for the hand of Thea shall rest upon her. 45. Once in the raising of her soul upon the path toward her Lady. 46. And once in the deed itself; for every rose plucked and sent forth shall come as a gift to her when her heart is weary, and every cup of wine that she gives to another shall quench the thirst of her own lips in the fullness of time.

47. She who gives succour to those who have need prepares a place of safe repose for her soul. And she who turns no creature away surrounds her soul with beautiful things. 48. For the soul that grows in love grows ever more beautiful, but the soul that turns from love is repellent of aspect. 49. Let the soul know before all that the greatest love is the love of Thea, and from this love all other loves flow. 50. Let her open herself to her Lady that She may come as a perfect love for her. Let her learn of Thea, of that eternal love which is Thea. 51. And she who loves her Lady in perfection shall have perfect love of all Her creatures, even as She has. 52. For this is the love that is perfect knowledge, and the knowledge that is perfect love.