The Child

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Title 3, Chapter 10 THE CHILD

1. A little child ran into the arms of the Daughter of Light, and her mother put forth her arm to restrain her. 2. But Kore lifted up the child in Her arms, and about the child’s head there shone a radiant light. 3. “See,” exclaimed Kore, “the radiant soul of your child shines forth upon the world because she is in My arms, 4. yet you would have held her from Me. 5. If your child is hungry, do you not give her good nourishment? Why, then, do you starve her soul and give her not the food of the Spirit? 6. Do you not warm her body with blankets and a blazing fire? Why, then, do you leave her soul in the cold and darkness? 7. Is not this child entrusted to your care by heaven? Shall you not give her the food of My truth and the light of My love?”

8. And her mother was ashamed, and cried: “Kore, I offer you this child, take her and nourish her, that her soul may shine forth and she may come at last to our Mother.”

9. And Kore said: “I shall receive your child: I shall set an angel of heaven to be the guardian of her soul, and the angels of the seven spheres shall pour their gifts upon her.” 10. And laying Her hands upon the head of the child, She blessed her, and gave her again into the hands of her mother, saying: 11. “Let this child walk upon the earth in the light of the Spirit, for she is entered into the family of Heaven.”