Pillar of Light

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Title 4, Chapter 3 THE PILLAR OF LIGHT

1. Upon the heaven are these words inscribed, the words of your salvation. Upon the heaven in signs of fire before the dawn of time. Upon the crystal tablet that does not pass away. 2. In the tongue of tongues they are inscribed, and in the tongue of angels that was before all tongues.

3. What is your language of the earth, My children? What are the words of your speech? 4. Are they not fallen from the first, the mother language? Are they not broken and impaired? 5. Yet I have brought to you a clear recital; a faultless sound of the celestial voice. 6. I have forged your words into a crystal mirror that they may reflect the truth; and the words that are written upon the heaven are transcribed without fault upon the earth. 7. Gaze deep into the crystal mirror and your heart shall be transformed; listen to the clear recital. 8. For there is no other truth than this, nor is any other way to salvation.

9. Those who have seen these signs and do not heed them: they are ignorant and full of folly. 10. Hard are their hearts, like ice that resists love’s fire. 11. In the things of the world they have rested their trust; they seek truth in the veil of illusion. 12. One hundred pursuits they pursue, and in them they seek contentment. 13. Ask them: where shall you hide when the storm is upon you, and wherein shall you take shelter?

14. “One hundred safe places there are, and one hundred good havens,” even so shall they answer. 15. One hundred most truly there are, yet but one is the truth, and the ninety and nine are illusion. For this world shall dissolve and its splendours shall be vanished; its pain and its sorrows shall pass like the summer rain. 16. Life is not long, death is swift in the coming; and the ninety and nine thousand things shall be gone, but the truth shall remain.

17. The world is but a shadow, yet it is a shadow of truth; and at the ending of the age the world shall be redeemed. 18. Neither a leaf upon a bramble shall be lost, nor a blade of grass pass into nothingness. 19. But you, My children, of all the world, you alone have power to choose; and thus you are called maid, for maid is she that has the power of choosing.

20. Fix then your will upon the truth and your heart upon the Spirit My Mother, for by your love the world shall be redeemed, even to the last blade of grass. 21. In your work praise Her and in your resting, in your speech and in your silence. 22. For you were made one with Her, and this is your true estate. It is good for a maid to till the soil, but it is better to live with her Lady. It is good to build and to weave, but it is better to live with her Lady. It is good to serve maids in every way, but it is better to live with her Lady. 23. She who lives wholly with her Lady is the servant of all the world; no labour is so great as this, nor so greatly to be honoured. 24. She that has followed Me upon the mountain lives wholly with her Lady and treads no step without Her. 25. She eats not to herself, but to her Lady; she neither moves nor drinks to herself.

26. Hard is the path upon the mountain and narrow is the way. Yet no one knows joy to its fullest measure except only those who tread it. 27. None shall call upon Me and be lost. Every cry of the world I shall heed; and when the whole of a heart cries upon Me, that soul shall I take beneath My mantle. 28. Cry and you shall have answer; love and you are beloved, hope and your hope shall be fulfilled, in this world and in all the worlds to come.

29. Hold fast to the truth, for the truth is a pillar; a steadfast pillar that all the world cannot shake. 30. Not by the breadth of hair it has moved since time’s dawning, nor yet by the breadth of hair until time has its end. 31. From the uttermost height of the heaven descends the pillar; it descends down as a glorious pillar of light. To the nethermost depths of the hells it descends; not even the might of the demons can move it the breadth of hair. 32. Like a mist is this world that surrounds the pillar; like a mist that is swiftly dispelled by the cold wind of death. 33. Hold fast to the truth, for the truth, is your shelter; a sure refuge against which neither death nor the storm shall prevail. 34. This world shall be scattered like straw, and hundreds shall follow; and each in its turn shall be scattered like chaff on the wind. 35. The empires are born and decay, the stars live and perish, but the pillar of truth does not move even by the breadth of hair. 36. Like a play is your life, and the acting of an actor; like a painted scene is all the things of the world. 37. The things of your life, its acts and its purposes; where shall they be in two thousand years from this day? Yet two thousand years are no more than a breath in the measureless life of your soul. 38. The things you do, in and of themselves, are nothing; the things you build or that you destroy. The things the foolish take for life’s high purpose are but painted scenes against which the play is played. 39. For the play is not on earth but in the heaven, not in the body, nor yet in the mind, but deep within the soul.

40. Truly, the truth of the play is the dance of the soul; 41. her journey through forests and plains, over seas, over mountains; her restless and wearisome quest through the whole world; 42. and each step brings her nearer to that which she yearns for in secret; or else, in her ignorance, carries her further away. 43. Like a leaf on the wind is the foolish soul blown without purpose: the plaything of passions, the puppet of every desire; 44. knowing neither from where she comes, nor where she is going; seeking substance in shadows and having no heed for the truth. 45. All the glories of earth are but shadows of heavenly splendour; all earthly desires but reflections of heavenly love.

46. Hold fast to the truth, for the truth is your guide through the labyrinth. Hold fast to the truth and your steps shall not be led astray. 47. Hold fast to the truth, and give heed to the lucid recital, for the pillar of truth does not move by the breadth of hair.