Heart of Water

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Title 4, Chapter 2 THE HEART OF WATER

1. Place wholly your trust in the Spirit My Mother, for She is the rich, the all-sufficient. 2. What can you lack if you are Hers, for the whole of the cosmos is yours.

3. Walk gently on the earth, for the earth is your sister, and the creatures thereof are your kin. 4. I have set maids to watch upon them; treat them not, then, with hardness. 5. Do not raise your voice above the gentle tone except it is in song, nor seek to put yourself above another, for the spirit in each is a ray of the Spirit My Mother, and as you render service to them, so you also serve Her. 6. Walk in meekness on the earth, forgive all ills, and treat all souls as you would yourself be treated.

7. The hard shall break, the mighty shall fail, but the tender shall endure forever. 8. There is nothing strong but shall meet a stronger, yet where is the hand that shall break water? 9. The hard does not find the Spirit My Mother, for their hearts are frozen like the hard and brittle ice. 10. In their own might they suppose themselves to stand, yet how mighty is the tree whose roots are not in the deep earth? 11. And the roaring river, how long shall she flow when she is severed from the source? 12. The icy heart shall break, for it rests upon illusion, yet the heart of water shall endure.

13. The heart of water is not proud, she trusts not in herself. She seeks neither power nor authority, for there is no authority except in the Spirit My Mother. 14. I am every priestess and every mother, each princess and each lady of the earth, and none has authority except in Me. Therefore obey me in your lady, for I am your Lady in she. 15. The heart of water is all obedience, it does not harden against her lady. The heart of water lays claim to nothing, therefore possesses all things.

16. Authority flows from the heart of water because she possesses none. The heart of ice has no authority, as it does not flow from her. 17. Authority in the name of maids is false, and the disobedient may not command. When the heart of ice seizes the reins there are strife and contention, for each icy heart seeks to possess the world. 18. Where there is no authority, there is no agreement. Where hardness prevails, the waters cannot flow. 19. When each spoke tries to be the centre, the wheel cannot turn.

20. Who rules in her own right is a tyrant, or yet in the right of other maids. There is but one authority and the truth alone is true. 21. Do neither eat the bread of tyrants nor drink their drink, but offer them first to She that owns them. 22. Do neither join in their contentions, neither be a party to one side nor to the other, for they are lawlessness.

23. You shall obey your Lady, though all the world deny Her; and thus obey each lady of the earth whose authority flows from the fountainhead of Her truth. 24. Though the world pays no honour and power lies in the hand of tyranny, 25. for though in this place you seem only but a few, and Her servants reduced to a remnant, yet in truth the age of the unbelievers is but a moment in the endless stream of time, 26. and this world only but a grain of sand on the shore of unnumbered worlds. 27. In truth you are surrounded by the bright host of Her children, serried through time and space, in whose light the unbelievers are but the remnant of a remnant, and their world but a cobweb in the midst of a glittering palace. 28. And you are one with that shining host; each radiant soul is your sister.

29. Who lives in true obedience is free, for Her service is perfect freedom; 30. But the disobedient are slaves; puppets of the passions and the senses, with no true will. 31. Those who do evil are the slaves of evil, their freedom is but an illusion. [32. Let the younger sister obey the elder, and let the child obey the mother. 33. Let the wife obey the lady of the household. Let the lady of the household give obedience to the priestess; let the priestess give obedience unto Me. 34. Let the maid obey her mistress, and let the pupil obey her teacher.] Then all things shall be in harmony and harmony shall be in all things.

35. Do not fear the way of obedience, for you are wholly secure in that way. Let your mistress direct you and you shall be led into the perfect garden of Avala. 36. To rest in the hands of a mistress that rules in the divine law is to rest in My own hands, and I shall enfold you in the hand of love and guard you in a gentle safekeeping. 37. But she who does not follow the path of obedience rests in the hands of the passions, whose wild winds blow this way and that; 38. she gives obedience to the demons of the wind that lead her not into safety, but toss her upon the storm. They raise her up only to throw her down and take delight in her anguish. 39. The way of obedience is a safe harbour and a well-made vessel that shall bear the soul unto the nether shore. 40. A golden chain of love links each maid with her mistress, 41. from the humblest of them that love Me, to the very archangels of heaven. 42. It is a golden chain from the summit of the mountain unto the deepest depth, 43. and it shall lift up each soul to the golden land of Avala, and to the yet more beauteous lands beyond. 44. If a maiden rules by authority of the divine law and yet obeys not, if the divine law is broken her heart is turned to ice, 45. let her be made the least among the children and be the servant of those she has wrongly ruled. 46. Let her feel the chastening willow-rod and feel also the love of her mistress until her heart be melted. 47. But those who do not rule by authority of the divine law, whose dominion does not flow from the love of My Mother: 48. truly the gates of their empire shall be shattered, even as the gates of hell. 49. Those who live in discord with eternal harmony, in discord they shall perish. 50. Their cities that stand so proud upon the morning shall be rendered asunder before the evening comes. No pillar shall stand erect, nor any stone lie whole upon another. 51. The empire that does not have the divine law as its foundation; that rests upon the world for its support; that bears false truth emblazoned upon its banner; it is like a city built on the ice. 52. The tyrant that Irkalla makes her puppet, to rule in falsehood and to strangle truth, she is like a mirror broken and perverted, reflecting true law tortured from its true form. 53. Into what darkness shall her actions lead her? Truly, her actions forge an iron chain to bind her fast and suffer no release. 54. That these dark latter times should come upon you, was it not known before the dawn of time? 55. That the heart of ice should rule the heart of water and ignorance seize the reins in every land? 56. That the wicked should ride aloft in a golden chariot and the wise and the good be trampled to the earth? 57. Evil must need arise and be triumphant, and the dark mistress have her night of power? 58. Yet dark is the path of them that prepare her entry, and swiftly shall they behold the night of blood; 59. for she is the dragon that devours her children and casts her servants into the lake of fire. 60. And what shall pass within the earthly empire shall pass within the empire of the soul.

61. Follow, then, the gentle way of the divine law; let not your heart be taken by the ice. 62. Let her sweet waters flow unto your Mother, tread on the way of quietness and love. 63. Follow this way and you shall see perfection. The sun shall rise and scatter the darkness hence. 64. And after the long and wearisome night-journey, you shall behold the light of the golden dawn.

Alternate readings of verses 32 through 34

  • Aristasian Authorised Version: 32. Let the maid obey the mistress, let the mistress obey the countess, let the countess obey the duchess, let the duchess obey the rayin. 33. Let the rayin obey the empress, let the empress give obedience unto Me. 34. Let the younger sister obey the elder, let the child obey the mother, let the mother obey the priestess, let the priestess give obedience unto Me. Let the pupil obey the ranya, let the scholar obey the rani.
  • Lux Madriana Version: 32. Let the brother obey the sister, and the younger sister obey the elder. Let the child obey the mother and the husband obey the wife. 33. Let the wife obey the lady of the household. Let the lady of the household give obedience to the priestess; let the priestess give obedience unto Me. 34. Let the maid obey the mistress, let the pupil obey the ranya. Thus shall all things be in harmony and harmony be in all things.