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Collected Documents

representing various historical creeds held by followers of the Filianic Scriptures

The Drispeal

One God alone: none other God than She.

One Law alone: none other Law than Her Law.

God became maid that maid might come to God.

The Filianic Creed (Aristasian Rite)

I believe that I am created

from before the dawn of time

by the one eternal Dea.

I believe that Dea is One

and there are none beside Her,

And I believe that she is also Three.

I believe in the Mother,

Who is pure Light.

the Creatrix of the earth and of the heavens

and of all the illimitable cosmos.

And I believe in Her virgin Daughter,

born of the virgin Mother,

the ruler of all the energies of creation,

Whose nature is perfect Love.

And I believe in She that stands beyond these Two,

Whose Name has not been spoken on this earth:

For She is the Beginning and the End;

the First Principle and the Final Cause;

the unoriginated Origin of being.

I believe that I was made a perfect creature

and at the dawn of time my soul did turn

from the Perfection of existence

in the infirmity of her sovereign will:

And through this fault do I suffer

the limitation of imperfect being.

I believe that the Daughter of Eternity

gave herself to be cast down into darkness and death.

I believe that She rose from death triumphant

And reigns as Queen of Heaven.

I believe that through Her death

the fault of my soul shall perish,

And I believe, through Her triumphant life,

My soul shall rise renewed in her perfection

that she may return to eternal communion

with the one eternal Dea.