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Resources for study and devotional use of the Filianic Scriptures

Sarah A. Morrigan

Copyright © 2009-2010, Sarah-Andrea Amy Morrigan, all rights reserved worldwide. Use of these materials is permitted under the licensing terms of the Open Publication License 1.0.

Second Edition, June 8, 2010 (Hera 24, 3330). This online edition published on January 14, 2017.


  • Ana: See Rhiannë.
  • Dea (day-ah): The New Celestial Union Version renders the word for God as Dea. Some other versions may read “Goddess” or “Thea.” The word “Goddess” is avoided here due to a very different connotation today (which often implies polytheism and existence of masculine “God”—and further, even the inferiority and subservience of the “Goddess” to “God”).
  • Irkalla: The dark queen, similar to Satan.
  • Kear (key-are): It may be loosely paraphrased as a gap, chasm, division or separation. Kear is the division between Dea and maid.
  • Maid: While feminine, this word is also a “generic feminine” inclusive of all genders, just as the English word “man” used to mean a person of any gender until a few decades ago.
  • Mistress of All Things: Similar to “The Lord” in the Judeo-Christian scriptures, it expresses the ultimate, supreme sovereignty of Dea over all things seen and unseen. Also called the Mother of All Things (in the Holy Mythos chapters 1:6 through 1:9).
  • Rhiannë (ree-AN-eh): In this edition of the New Celestial Union Version the name of the Daughter of Dea is rendered as Rhiannë. She is also known as Ana or Inanna, as rendered in some older versions and manuscripts.

A Concise Guide to the Filianic Scriptures

By Sarah A. Morrigan, General Editor

This list is not meant to be a comprehensive concordance, but rather intended to offer a quick tour of the Scriptures. Verse numbers are written in (title): (chapter):(verse) format. For example, 4:3:45 is the Title 4, Chapter 3, Verse 45. You should be looking at this verse: “All the glories of earth are but shadows of heavenly splendour; all earthly desires but reflections of heavenly love.” This is merely a starting point for discovery in this short yet vastly profound book.

Dea, or the Mistress of All Things:

She is abundant in joy and delight. 1:1:3-4

She is wise and skilled. 1:1:5

She loves all of Her creations. 1:1:5

Her love is inexhaustible. 1:1:14

Her light is so bright that the fallen creatures cannot look. 1:4:2; 1:5:8; 1:6:5; 1:6:16

Broke the power of hell: 1:9:12-14; 3:9:5

She dwells in the inwardness: 2:1:34

She is in all things. 2:1:37

She alone judges. 3:1:13

All things reflect Her glory. 3:4:20

She does not take delight in hurt of anyone. 3:7:1

She has not forsaken you. 3:9:3-4

She has no form, yet takes many shapes. 4:1:41-44

She has no beginning or end. 4:1:45

She is rich, all-sufficient. 4:2:1

Hard-hearted cannot find Her. 4:2:9

She is the true source of authority. 4:2:17

Rhiannë, the Daughter of Dea:

Maid fell by acting with the Holy Spirit within herself to embrace the snake, and thus no longer able to behold the fullness of Dea’s light. She has set the moon (the silver light) so there shall not be complete darkness; the sign of the Daughter’s coming. 1:3:3-5

Conceived but not separate from Her Mother; rather one with Her, and is child of Her light. 1:4:7

She came to carry the light. 1:5:11; 3:2:1

A guide and deliverer. 1:5:12

Light from light, perfection from perfection. 1:5:15

She is the princess of all the world. 1:5:24

She is the daughter of wisdom herself. 1:5:27

She is the priestess serving all Her children. 1:5:30

She is given full governance of the earth. 1:6:1

She commands and cares for environment and every soul. 1:6:2-6

She hears prayer and intercedes. 1:6:6

She makes the earth fruitful, brings peace. 1:6:6-7

She brings nature back to life, and all life to the true law and rhythm of nature. 1:10:2

She is a friend to every creature. 1:6:7

All who turns to Her are full of life, peace and wholeness. 1:6:7

Death and resurrection. 1:7:1-1:9:23

She is with you and shall never leave you. 1:10:5

Come to Her and all faults are forgiven. 1:10:4

She unites all who love Her in one body. 1:10:6-7

Her presence is completion of joy. 1:10:12

Hear Her in inner silence. 3:3:2

She turns no one away from Her protection: 3:3:4

She has conquered death and kear, and Her conquest belongs to those who open their hearts to Her: 3:4:16-17

Let Her live through you: 3:4:18

She has come that you may have deliverance. 3:5:16

She has revealed all things necessary for liberation. 3:5:37

The Creations, World and Maids:

Fragments of Dea’s reflection, created in delight and joy. 1:1:2-8

A maid is an image of Dea, suffused in love and strength. 1:1:9.

A maid is a creature of spirit. 1:1:10

Given governance of some earthly thing. 1:1:16

Spirits of the maids gathered in heaven. 1:10:16

Material things come from nothing. 2:1:15

All things come from light. 2:1:18-22

Field of conflict. 3:1:25-27

All events reflect higher truth. 3:1:28

Maid is threefold being. 3:6:35

The world is shadow of the eternal reality: 3:7:19

What is her innermost self, a maid becomes. 3:8:20

Maid is she that has the power of choosing. 4:3:19

Precepts, ethics and important teachings:
  • The Golden Rule: 4:2:6, 2:1:42, 3:2:4, 3:7:6, 3:8:32
  • Love: 2:1:31, 2:1:48, 3:2:4-8, 3:5:45-47, 3:6:23-37, 3:9:7
  • Missions: 1:10:14, 2:1:47, 3:2:17
  • Prayers: 1:6:6, 1:6:18, 3:1:23, 3:3:2-4
  • Justice: 3:1:13, 3:2:4, 3:7:3-6
  • Redemption and deliverance: 3:2:20-21, 3:4:16-19, 3:5:16, 3:5:37, 3:8:1
  • Healing: 3:7:44-46
  • Possibility: 2:1:29
  • Truth: 3:5:33-47, 4:3:3-8, 4:3:14-16, 4:3:29-35
  • Guidance for living: 2:1:4, 2:1:24-28, 3:2:2-5, 3:8:21-26, 4:2:3-6, 4:3:19-25
  • Thoughts of mind: 3:1:1-18, 3:4:23-24, 3:8:22, 4:1:51-62, 4:3:20
  • Abundance, prosperity, material needs: 1:3:7, 3:4:23-26, 3:6:4-9, 3:6:38, 3:8:28-36, 4:1:7, 4:2:1-2